Review rules

The procedure for reviewing articles submitted for publication in the scientific and technical journal "Earthquake Engineering. Constructions Safety»


1. Manuscript received by the editors considered commissioning editor for compliance with the journal's profile and design requirements. The manuscript must be accompanied by the authors ' consent to registration, a letter of recommendation or an expert opinion.

2. The manuscript submitted to the editorial office is subject to mandatory review:

- one-sided anonymous ("blind") review (the author of the manuscript does not know the reviewer);

- two-way anonymous ("blind") review (the author of the manuscript does not know the reviewer, the reviewer does not know the author of the manuscript). The manuscript is sent for review to one or, if necessary, two reviewers - members of the editorial Board, or other specialists with deep professional knowledge and experience in a particular scientific direction. Specialists working in the organization where the work was performed are not involved in reviewing.

3. Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent to them are the intellectual property of the authors and are not subject to disclosure.

4. The review should contain a comprehensive analysis of the scientific and methodological advantages and disadvantages of the article and constructive comments on the revision of the article.

The reviewer should evaluate:

- relevance of the content of the article: does the level of the material presented in it correspond to modern achievements of science and technology;

- novelty, significance and originality of scientific and practical results of research presented in the article;

- completeness and reliability of the given data;

- correctness and accuracy of terminology, definitions and formulations, style of presentation of the material. The review should include clear recommendations on the article:

- accept without change,

- accept with minor changes,

- accept with serious changes,

- reject.

5. The review is sent to the issuing editor within a period not exceeding 1 month from the date of receipt of the manuscript by the reviewer.

6. If the review contains recommendations for correction and revision of the article, it is sent to the author with a proposal to take the recommendations into account in the preparation of a new version of the article or to refute them. The article must be returned in a corrected form within 1 month.

7. If the reviewer did not recommend the article for publication, the editorial Board may send the article for revision, taking into account the comments made, as well as send it to another reviewer. The text of the negative review is sent to the author.

8. Manuscripts that have received contradictory reviews are sent for additional review. If a manuscript receives two negative reviews, it is rejected.

9. The decision on publication after reviewing is made by the editor – in-chief/Deputy editor-in-chief and, if necessary, by the editorial Board as a whole. The issuing editor informs the author of the decision.

10. Reviews are stored in the editorial Board for 5 (five) years from the date of publication of articles and on request are provided to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation