The Contributor Guidelines to "Earthquake Engineering. Constructions Safety" Journal

The Contributor Guidelines to "Earthquake Engineering. Constructions Safety" Journal


1. An ideal length of the article is not more then 40000 signs.

2. It is allowed not more then three authors for one article .

3. A brief biographical sketch of each author should include current title and company or business affiliation, education - degrees, dates and institutions, and professional affiliations, and also contact phone, postal and email address, a photo in TIF or JPG format. 

4. The key words are in Russian and English.

5. Annotation is not less then 200-250 words in Russian and in English.

6. It is obligatory to have a bibliography with references within the whole text.

7. Obligatory attachment is recommendation letter from the author's organization, review and expert opinion.


1. Pictures need to be sent electronically and saved as EPS, AI, CDR.

2. Photographs are preferred as TIF, JPG format.

3. Resolution is not less then 300 dpi.

4. Tables, schemes and diagrams need to be inserted to the text and be available for editing in the program, where they were created (Excel, CorelDraw).

5. Each picture should be given a figure number and have a caption that explains it. 

6. All data in tables is written without any reduction.

7. All mathematical formulas need to be written in MS Word or MS Equation 3.0


We are pleased to receive manuscripts from new or experienced authors.

Our address:

109456 Moscow PO box 29

Tel/fax (499) 174-70-65 

Procedure of manuscript  reviewing for publication in the "Earthquake engineering. Construction safety"

1.  The received text is reviewed by managing editor to determine if it is met our standards for style and tone. Please, provide the manuscript with the author's agreement for registration, the recommendation letter and expert opinion.

2. The manuscript is reviewed by one or two members of editorial board or by other experts, who have deep professional knowledge of the subject. It is not allowed to make a review for those experts who work in the organization, which produced the manuscript.

3. Reviewers are informed that all provided manuscripts are intellectual property, and should not be disclosed.

4.Review includes detailed article analysis of all scientific pros and cons so as constructive comments for improving and finalizing it.

Reviewer analyzes

- article actuality, if the provided information match the nowadays scientific attainments.

- innovative aspect, originality and significance 

- information completeness and reliability 

- correctness of terminology, language style. 

Review should include recommendations like:

- adopt without changes

- adopt with some changes

- adopt, but make changes

- reject

5. A review is sent to the managing editor not later then one month after receiving a manuscript.

6. If review has any recommendations concerning corrections or finalization, it is directed to the author for rework with the request to take into consideration the recommendations or to disprove argumentatively.

7. In case the manuscript is not recommended for publication, the editing board can send it to rewrite basing on recommendations, and also redirect the manuscript to a different reviewer.

The copy of negative review is sent to the author.

8. If manuscript gets negative impact, it is sent to additional reviewing. In case two negative opinions occurred, the manuscript would be rejected.

9. The decision about publication after reviewing will be adopted by the main editor or by his deputy, or by all editorial board if necessary. The managing editor informs the author about decision.

10. All reviews have being kept for 5 years from the publication day and can be submitted on request to the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF.